Can I join the iOS Beta?



Hello, would it be possible to join the beta for iPhone and iPad? Thanks!


Please add me to the beta - cannot sync any longer :wink:
kind regards


Please add me to the beta. thanks.


I would love to join the beta program. Especially if I can use the pencil function
Thank you


Please add me to the iOS beta.


Please invite me to be a Test Pilot.


Hi, can I join the beta program please. I foolishly install the beta MacOs version (was so excited about the attachment). Now I can’t open my notes on my phone.


Would love to join the beta for iOS. rocking the beta for Mac and loving it.


Please, add me

Thank you


It would be great if I could join iOS Agenda beta
I use Mac Beta and iOS version use is quite complicated. As Alexander guessed, I should use iOS Agenda beta too.


Please add me in iPhone ios Beta


Count me in. Looking forward to helping test.


Please count me in also.
Looking forward to help in testing new promising updates for this great app I am using daily.
Cheers :slight_smile:


I’d be grateful for an invite to the beta testing programme .


Please add me to the beta programme, thanks!


Would it be possible to join the Testflight beta testing?


I would like to be added to TestFlight for testing beta versions on iOS. Thank you.


Sign me up too please :blush::ok_hand:t2:


allo govna’s!

I’m on the beta for MacOS and made a bunch of spiffy notes with attachments that I’d love to take with me on my iPad. Might I get a TestFlight invite please?
many thanks


Want to be in.