Can I join the iOS Beta?



We’re working towards a new release in the beginning of the coming week, we’ll then invite new testers in again. Stay tuned!


Please add me to the testflight users


Please invite me to the TestFlight beta. I need this app. It has greatly improved my productivity and I can only imagine how great it will be on iPad!


Would like to test the iOS beta!


I’m interested for being an Ipad Pro betatester.


Is Agenda only for ios 11+?


Yes, 10.11 and higher indeed.


I want to be invited, please,


Take me for the beta :raised_hands:t3:


Well heck, why not? If you’re still accepting beta testers, I’m interested!


Please take me to the BETA :slightly_smiling_face:


Please add me to the tester’s list.

I would love to try the iOS app and give you feedback. I just discovered Agenda and started using it on my mac. It has a fresh approach and connects notes/tasks and my daily agenda very well.
Keep going!


When is the iOS app release date scheduled for?


When is the iOS app release date scheduled for?

We’ll announce this very soon.


Please add me to the iOS TestFlight beta (iPad Pro and iPhone).



Take me for the beta !


Would love to join the Beta program


I’d love to join the testflight program please.


We regularly invite all of those that have left a note in this topic, on a first come, first serve basis.
So if you haven’t asked to join but would like to still, leave a post here.

Once admitted you will receive your invitation in the form of an email with instructions on how to install Agenda for iOS through TestFlight and how to access the special section of the for testers to discuss their findings.

So stay tuned and thank you so much for your patience and offer to help!
Alex & Drew


I would love to help beta test the iOS app, too!