Can I join the iOS Beta?



Please add me to the iOS beta on Testflight. Would like to test it on my iPad Pro and iPhone 7+


I would love to help test the builds too. +1 for the TestFlight betas


I’m looking forward to the iOS app and would be happy to test!


244 reply’s and no invitation for me, nice…


Loving the Mac app. Would love to help test. Keep up the good work.


Please invite me to the TestFlight beta


Can’t wait for the iOS version. Please include me in the Test Flight beta!


I would like to be a beta tester
Thanks !


Please invite me to the TestFlight beta


Ouch, that is really stupid indeed, we totally overlooked this, apologies, have sent you an invite now…


Please invite me for the beat test.


Hello, I would be very pleased to try the IOS beta on iphone and ipad.



Please add me to the beta list. Thanks.


Please invite me to the TestFlight beta !!


I would love to be part of the beta!


I am very interested to test the iOS version.
thank you very much


Testflight please!


I’d love to be in the beta!


Do I need to do anything beyond this post to get on the beta list? I keep checking my email!


Experienced iOS tester just getting started with Agenda. Please add to TestFlight. Thank you!