Can I join the iOS Beta?



Love to participate in TestFlight … Have to be able to take it with me!


I would like to be a tester. Thanks, Rodger


I would love to get the chance to beta test the iOS version.


Please add me to your iOS beta list as well!! Love what you guys are doing!


If you are still wanting beta testers, I’d love to be one


Please include me in the Testflight of the IOS version.


Count me in to Testflight iOS version please!


Any word yet on IOS??


Any word yet on IOS??

See my message above.


Please include me in the Testflight of the iOS version.



Since I don’t see a signup elsewhere, I’d like to test. I have done so for half a dozen other apps and I’m really good at finding problems…


I would be happy, too to be invited to beta testing :slight_smile:


Update: We’ve just released the second beta and invited everyone who has left a post in this page up to this point. You should have received an email with the TestFlight invite and you should also be able to visit the iOS Beta part of the community forum. Thank you all again for helping us test the iOS app, happy testing!

Ps. If you’re late to the game, we will continue to add those who register their interest here as we progress with new builds.


I would love to be invited to the iOS beta.


Please invite me to the TestFlight Beta :smiley:


:wave: I’d like to give it a shake :slight_smile:


I really would like to test iOS version!


I would also like to be added to the iOS beta testing of Agenda. Thanks!


Test flight please :raising_hand_man:t2:


Count me too for iOS beta Test flight