Can I join the iOS Beta?



Hi, can I get added to the testflight beta as well. Thanks.


I’d love to be added to the beta :hugs:


I thought that buying premium would at least give priority for the iOS beta.


First come, first serve I’m afraid. Buying premium does include the premium features for the iOS app however. No worries, shouldn’t be long though, we’re moving fast in this phase, next batch should receive an invite the coming week. We don’t want to let everybody join in at the same time for the simple reason that it’s also important to get enough “first time reactions” as we iterate over improvements made upon each beta build.


Very exited to test it out too!


Anxiously anticipating the iOS launch of Agenda too! Would love to be part of the beta team. Really looking forward to it.



Looking forward to ipad beta


Please put me down for iOS beta and Testflight!


Interesting in participating in the TestFlight. Thanks.


Please include me in TestFlight. Thanks.


I would love to participate to the beta TestFlight :grinning:


I’d be glad to beta-test when more spots open up. Sign me up!


I would love to be a part of the testflight. Please count me in!


Please add me to the testflight beta!


Love to participate in the testflight beta as well! Thanks


I can see there’s a long list of people trying to get on board but I can here looking specifically to get on Test Flight for the iPad build.

I started using and iPad Pro with Bear for work and I would love to try out Agenda on it as well.


I want to be on the TestFlight list. Thanks!


I’d like to be on the Testflight list, particularly once there’s a version that works on the phone - don’t currently have an iPad capable of running anything past iOS 9 (yeah, I know)


Can you include me on the TestFlight list? Thanks!


Yes, please count me in!