Can I join the iOS Beta?



Please add me to the iOS beta list.


Please add me to the iOS beta list as well – would be testing on:

iPhone 7+
iPad Pro 10.5
iPad mini 2


Count me in for iPhone X and iPad Pro


I would like to participate in the beta testflight, too.


I would be very interested in an iOS version of Agenda and would be very interested in helping in the Beta testing.


I normally don’t write on this kind of communities nor do I register at all, but I love how you guys communicate with users and it really brought me in here. I really love what you are doing I feel like this product is going to be really REALLY great with such a good team. I can definitely trust such company and their products.


Also would love to be on the iOS beta list.


Please add me to iOS beta as well


Yay. Thank you! Very exited to test it out.


Sign me up for the Beta version!


Hi guys! I´d like to join the test phase too. Cheers!


A quick note, we’re super excited to have started inviting the first testers to the TestFlight program in order to give you a first look at the iOS version of Agenda. Yes it’s real! :wink: Over the course of the next two weeks we plan to keep on inviting all of those that have left or leave a note in this topic, on a first come, first serve basis.

Once admitted you will receive your invitation in the form of an email with instructions on how to install Agenda for iOS through TestFlight and how to access the special section of the for testers to discuss their findings.

So stay tuned and thank you so much for your patience and offer to help!
Alex & Drew

Thank Tidbits… Intriguing product with lots of potential

I would like to test the iOS beta please.


Could you please add me to iOS beta as well


I’d be glad testing the iOS beta version as well.


I’d like to test the beta as well!


Feel free to leave a post here indeed and we’ll send an invite the moment we open more spots


Happy to test the iOS beta version as well.

Will be testing on iPad Pro 9.7’’ (2017), running iOS 11.4 Public Beta.


I would also like to test the beta. Thanks!


I’m interested in testing the iOS Beta.
iPhone 8 Plus
iPad Pro 12.9