Can I join the iOS Beta?

Hello guys!

Please add me to TestFlight (iPadOS and iOS). I wiill be glad to be an active tester. Thanks.

Hi I would like to be included in any beta testing when available!

@drewmccormack Hello, please add me for a testflight invitation. Thanks

@drewmccormack Please add me to the beta test. I’ve recently made Agenda my main note taking app.

@drewmccormack Please add me to the ios, ipados, and macos betas! Can’t wait to use my apple pencil on an note takking app other than apple’s crap notes app.

I would like to join the beta!!!

Thank you

Is there a code we put into TestFlight?

No code, no. We usually add new beta testers just before we release a new beta. We don’t have one yet, but you will get an invite when that next beta comes.

Would love to join the Testflight program!

I’d like to join the beta

Is there any ETA on when a beta with Apple Pencil support would be availble to test on TestFlight?

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No ETA yet, I suspect in a few weeks.

Can I join the beta

I’m interested in iOS / iPadOS betas.

Hi all! I’d love to be a part of the iOS beta!

I would also love to join the beta test program! <3

I’d like to join the beta.


I’ve been watching Agenda since a while and was waiting until the Apple Pencil get supported to use it properly :slight_smile:

Until 4 years ago, I was a software engineer now becoming a chiropractor (still 2 years of studies to go). As such, I have both the background to understand my tools (apps) and the needs of a picky student :stuck_out_tongue:

As such, I would love to join the beta test program :slight_smile:

I guessed that you are using the new Apple Pencil Frameworks available in iOS 13 for its support in Agenda, and as an old geek, I am a public beta tester of iOS13, (and other apps through TestFlight), so it might easier to test Agenda too, if you would need some tester ^^

Wish you a wonderful day, and Thanks for your work!

Great stuff, we hope to have a first iOS13 specific beta soon.

Hi, I’d like to test iOS and Mac OS beta for you. Currently running iOS 13.