Can I join the iOS Beta?

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Hi! I’ve been a user of agenda for almost 3 years now & first time posting on here! I’d like to become a part of the Mac & iOS beta to provide feedback (& live life on the edge by running the beta versions).

Thanks in advance!

Would love to join beta for iOS. T

I would like to join the ranks of those testing the beta software. Currently on iPadOS 15 and iOS 15

I really like your app and have purchased premium features. Would be great to join both iOS and macOS TestFlight program. Thanks!

I would like to be part of the beta testers if possible.

I would like to join beta testing of the Agenda also. Using it on iPadOS 15, iOS 15 and macOS Monterey

Please add me to the list of TestFlight users.

I’m game for joining the ios testflight group if there’s still room.

Hi, if and when there is an opportunity I would like to join the Agenda beta. I have recently become a regular user, and am still discovering new things!
Cheers, Bill

I would love to join the beta if possible!

I am interested in beta testing also! Thanks!

+1 for beta please

+1 for macOS beta
(And still hoping for something other than iCloud or Dropbox… I do not want to connect my iCloud to my work laptop!)

@drewmccormack, I would appreciate the ability to beta test Agenda on my iPhone 12 and iPadPro 4th Gen. I’ve been starting to use Agenda more and more, as I get the hang of it. It’s very difficult moving to all digital for me, but I’m also extremely detailed and beta testing apps helps to not only provide feedback to the company but also helps me to use the app more regularly. I KNOW Agenda is exactly what I’ve been looking for, as I’m a very busy RN who also sits on multiple state level committees, as well as having ADHD…I truly need one place for everything. I’ve tried so many other apps and they didn’t cut it. I’d appreciate the ability to share what I do best…notice changes, abnormalities, etc…and document them. Having not been able to work due to my health, but returning to work, on top of my volunteer commitments, I have to find ONE way to efficiently get my digital life back organized, as this Pandemic has caused my entire life to fall apart. If I’m prayerfully going to use something that is helpful to me, I always want to return the blessing!

Please let me join the Agenda beta whenever possible, thanks.

Thanks for offering to help! We will add you before our next beta goes out, which should be the long awaited Agenda 14.

Thank you @drewmccormack, I look forward to it!

Hi, user of Agenda on iOS and MacOS, so happy to be part of either or both betas.

if ok, please add my details to beta lists

many thanks

Hello Alex & Drew,

Reaching out to hopefully be admitted into the beta testing program :slight_smile: Please let me know.