Can agenda support popup toolbox?

Like word:

Picking commands from a world-wide-long list is really difficult.

Which device are you referring to? On the Mac, you can click the little button on the left next to the selected text. On iOS, you have the toolbar that floats above the keyboard. Isn’t that almost the same?

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Hi, It’s great to see your reply!

For the functionality perspective, yes, they are same. However it’s not convenient

I’m using macOS.

If i use the left side toolbox i have to first find the toolbar then find the tool i need, however when i switch back to continue writing it’ll be a bit hard to find where i came from.

If I use touch bar. 1. I must use both hands which will slow me down 2. My focus point must leave screen which has the same problem as left side toolbox

My suggestion is that move the daily used features (bold ,italic, code or even switch selected to tag or @)from menu to the popup toolbox and leave the others as they are.

I don’t know are these clear or helpful enough.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think for most people, using the keyboard shortcuts (eg CMD-B for bold) or the markdown shortcuts (**bold text**) is the most convenient.

I can imagine it would be useful if there was a keyboard shortcut to bring up the popover, and that you could keyboard navigate in it. Maybe we can consider that.

Hi @winwin_2011, you could also use the right click menu, it hasn’t got the eyecatching symbols, but it sure is functional and complete

Thanks for the replies guys! I knew all these features, just want to make things more convenient :stuck_out_tongue:


We have some pretty cool stuff coming in the very next release which will make getting to these commands even easier. Not exactly what you are requesting, but should make it much easier.

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