Calendar Visibility by Category

Could you allow the user to limit calendar visibility on a category-by-category basis?

I have Agenda categories for home, work, and school. In Apple Calendar I also have calendars for home, work, and school… and bills, birthdays, holidays, and others. When working within school notes in Agenda, the only calendar of interest to me is my school calendar. Currently they all display. There are so many calendar entries to scroll through and most have nothing to do with school.

It would help to minimize clutter if we could narrow calendar visibility at the category level. Not a pressing concern. Perhaps a someday feature.

This has been mentioned a few times indeed, but like you say more a nice-to-have than a must-have in our view as well. We’ll keep it in the back of our heads to see if we come up with a nice solution this could fit in. Thanks for the suggestion!