Calendar URL Mismatched



What I did: I linked a note to a calendar event.

What happened: When I checked my calendar app (Apple Calendar), the URL of the linked note was placed to other events. This happened to other events as well. BTW, I have different calendars on my ical.

What I expected: The note I linked would match the event.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 1.1, MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3


I would also like to add. That sometimes it doesn’t add any URL to ical at all. But using the agenda app… it links to the right note.


I would also like to add. That sometimes it doesn’t add any URL to ical at all. But using the agenda app… it links to the right note.

Starting with this one, this can happen if the event already contains a URL, we don’t want to override it.

Regarding the URL being placed on other events, could you show some screenshots of this? The note+linked event in Agenda with the inspector shown, the event the link was added to in Calendar and the event you expected it to be added to?

That should help us debug the issue. Thanks!


1st Picture: i linked the note to the certification program.

2nd picture: In my ical, it’s on the “panata-foreign department” not on certification program.


Now on the 2nd scenario:

1st picture: I linked the note to the event Caucus, January 22 (I made it sure that there are no other notes linked).

2nd picture: I clicked Show Event in the Calendar. But it didn’t appear.

Additional Informations: These events are repeated events.


Is this the Calendar app or a third party calendar app? If the latter, does it show properly in the Calendar app?


Ah ignore, me it’s the Calendar app indeed.


Wow, this is puzzling, I need to think more on how this would be even possible.


I have maybe 8 different types of calendar in ical. Maybe that affects the situation?


I also tried out something else. This problem does not happen when i create a new event in ical using agenda. But if it’s an event that’s already in ical, the problem ariese.


Hi, I now have the 1.2 version of Agenda. When I tried to link the note to an event. The same thing happened, when I open the ical, I do not see the URL of the note linked.

But, if i’m using the Agenda app, no problem with it.


We believe to have made this much more reliable in the next update. Please let us know if this is indeed improved in the beta we just released.


Indeed. I am just waiting for the release to MacOS. happy to give you some feedback. Amazing response!


We believe this issue should be fixed in today’s 2.0 update.


Yes it’s all fixed. Thank you so much. Now I am at ease with the linking process. Now Just the IOS app (which I know you are working on) and my workflow would be amazingly complete.