Calendar stopped syncing with google calendar



What I did: everything

What happened: nothing

What I expected: I accidentally closed the calendar and now can’t find a way to open it

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): imac 2016, OS 10.13.3


When you say you closed the calendar, do you mean the right panel? If so, just hover your mouse over the right edge when the scroll bar is not visible. A handle appears, and you can click or drag it.



Hey Drew,

Thanks for super speedy response. I figured that out but have another question. How do I sync the Agenda calendar with my google calendar? It was working for awhile earlier through the Now I’ve lost some events and it stopped syncing.



Hi Judy,

When you say you lost some events, do you mean the disappeared from Google Calendar? Are they still visible in the
Best wishes,


YES, they’re visible in the in Agenda where I put them, but not in the google calendar. Two days ago they would show up in Google after I refreshed but now they are not showing at all. (FYI, I’m on an IMac 2016, latest OS)


Hmm, if they show in the it’s a problem of your Mac not syncing with Google, not something that Agenda is involved in. Does it help if you reboot your Mac?


Rebooting didn’t help. I also reinstalled Google but that didn’t help either.

Really appreciate that you keep trying to help. Judy


If you create a new calendar event in the google calendar in the system, does it sync to your google calendar online? And vice versa?