Calendar pop up options

Clicking the calendar icon in the right hand side bar brings up a panel with a list of viewing options: today, tomorrow, next 10 days, this month etc.

Could you add ‘next 30 days’ or ’next 4 weeks’?

Looking for an event that I know is coming up in the next few weeks is tricky when ‘this month’ and ‘next month’ show the current month, so it can mean using both of those in turn to find an event. Next 30 days (or next 4 weeks) would be very helpful in that situation. (It’s a bore having to open my Calendar app to find an event I want to link a note to.)

Thanks for the feedback. Note that they are just presets, and you can just select a month in the calendar control. You can select any date range.


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Hi Drew, I agree with Trebso, it should be moving 30 days or so, so that the date automatically is brought forward with a day every day. Otherwise, on the 20th of the month, you miss notes planned for the 31st of that month. Is that possible?

We have some changes to the calendar coming in the next version which should make you happy, I think.

Looking forward to it !