Calendar on the top right corner

although i like the view on the side where it shows the events by dates, id like to personally see the calendar without it going away, any plans on this? when clicking on the day it would be nice to see all events or notes from that day.

Never say never, but at the moment we don’t have any plans in this direction I’m afraid.

alright, thanks for the quick reply, i was just looking at the program called noteplan 3 beta and it looked so good and wanted to see how your plans were looking towards the future. thanks again

I would like to add support to this suggestion to have the option of show for events (entries) by dates in a permanent calendar view. I want to use Agenda as my academic research diary (journal). I need to have entries shown and accessed quickly through a calendar view so I can create an audit trail for research. I do hope that you would consider it.