Calendar Groups

Just bought into Premium; Reminders integration pushed me over the edge. It would be great if we could turn on & off groups of Calendars and Reminder Lists. Individally selecting multiple takes too much time. It might be that I have a standard set I leave open, but I suspect I will have a set I want to be able to turn on weekly for abroader review.

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Also, please Command-Click to turn all on/off as in Calendar

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for supporting our work first of all! We’ll take it on board. In general I wouldn’t suspect you would need to turn calendars and lists on or off regularly, so probably not worth adding the additional functionality to be honest and use the time for other more pressing items. But we’ll keep an eye if more users bring this up. Again, many thanks for the feedback and support!

OK, but youknow Steve Jobs was famous in part because he knew and did what users didn’t know they wanted (I’m an exception :wink: