Calendar Event Notifications

What I did:
I’ve been looking how to turn on notifications
What happened:
I didn’t find the way to do it
What I expected:
to find it and activate it in a very intuitive way

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda doesn’t deliver any notifications itself. Usually that would be handled by the Calendar app. You can connect notes to a Calendar event, and the Calendar will notify you.


I am a refugee from Todoist. Just started using Agenda last night.

I’m using it so far as a kind of “tasks with benefits" app.

Being able to turn on notifications for notes (tasks) with due dates would be really, really appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback! Better item level features is certainly something we would like to support (eg due dates), though it may never be as capable as some of the task managers, simply because we see it as a note taking app.

Note that you can add tags at this point of the form “#due(07/07/2018)” and you get a tag that is searchable. You could make a saved search, for things “#due(today)” for example.

Hey - there already is an assign due date feature and there already is a “Today” section that shows all notes with a due date of today in the Overview category. So not sure how what you are suggesting adds functionality. Am I missing something?

The date at the top is not really a due date. It is just a relevant date (Eg calendar event) for the note. And it applies to the whole note.

The #due tags give you a bit more fine granularity, because you can tag each paragraph with a different tag. Admittedly the whole note will show in the search results, so at this point it doesn’t make a lot of difference. We hope to improve that later.

Note that #due is also not the same as a standard event date, because something that is #due remains due after the date. So if you have a #due date last week, and you search for #due(today), you will find the note from last week. Ie it is still due.

Ahhhh. Thanks for the explanation. For now I’m finding that the assigned date works just fine. And those notes do cycle off of the Today project once the date has passed. But I can see uses for the #date in meeting agendas etc.

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