Bug: Checklist breaks numbering

I’ve seen this issue for bullets, line-breaks, etc. and would have added to those if any had mentioned checklists specifically (and most weren’t marked as solved)

What’s Happening:


  1. Item
  2. Item
    • Checklist
    • Checklist
  3. Item

What should be happening:
The third item should be numbered “3”

Things that might be helpful
The Checklists are directly related to item 2 and I have no way of creating a checklist without creating a new line. (EDIT: despite forum formatting, the indentation is correctly applied in the app.)

MacOS v. 2.2.1
iOS v. 1.3

I’m unclear whether the beta mentioned in other solved bug reports has also solved this issue.

Other notes:

Based on some support feedback I’ve seen while researching this issue, causing all numbered lists to default to 1. is by design. It’s a really frustrating design that overrides what the user is inputting onto the page. When I add 4. at any position on a page, that’s what I expect to show up. It doesn’t need to keep up with numbers surrounding it, but should show up as I input it. I don’t know all situations, but

Thanks guys!

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Yes, this looks like an oversight. We will look into it.

Note that if you replace the check items by bullet items, all works fine.


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Thank you for your quick response!

And I had tested that, but forgot to mention in my report.