Browse notes by date in right panel

I knew I had a note for something coming up tomorrow, so I opened the right side panel (does this have a name?) and advanced the calendar to tomorrow. Calendar events due tomorrow appear, but I was surprised notes for that date do not appear. Is there a good reason for this that I am overlooking?

That calendar in the “related info panel” is about changing the information in that panel, not filtering or changing the notes. If you want to see the notes for tomorrow, you can use the search field at the top. There is a calendar control on the left after you click it. That will filter down to tomorrow’s notes, and you can extend it to Search All to see any note with tomorrow’s date.

Please note that indeed notes that have just assigned to tomorrow without a specific calendar event are not showing, as it’s not a filter like @drewmccormack explains. However, if your note is attached to a specific event tomorrow that event does show a orange note icon and clicking it will bring you to that note.