Big performance issue

What I did:

I used the app.

Sometimes, I just opened it.

Sometimes, I just want to display or write a note.

Sometimes, I do nothing.

What happened:

The app became very laggy. Impossible to click on anything. The loading wheel from OS X was displayed as a mouse cursor.

Sometimes, when the app is running in background, my Mac starts to ventilate as if it would take off. When I check in the Activity Monitor app, sometimes, Agenda is taking 185% CPU (wow!).

What I expected:

I expected the app to run smoothly. Especially when I don’t do anything with it :slight_smile:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

The lags are not constant. Sometimes, everything works perfectly but from time to time, it unusable. It’s REALLY annoying. I subscribed to the premium plan, but I am wondering if I won’t switch to something else because I not always possible to count on Agenda anymore.


macOS Mojave on a 2015 MBP.

My version of Agenda is 2.6


Is it possible the background activity is some background sync? Eg you make a change on an iOS device, and it is importing that?

On another point, do you perhaps have a workplace with a lot of shared calendars?

Hi @drewmccormack!


  • I, sometimes, update notes from an iOS device
  • I work in a place with a lot of shared calendars

But I would lean toward the multiple shared calendars cause because, I have big latency issues even when I don’t update notes from iOS.


We are aware of issues when there are a lot of calendars, and have plans to address this.

Even if you aren’t using agenda on iOS, the calendar events will sync over, which could cause the slowdown issues.

Yeah, across all of iPhone X, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro with Mojave, Agenda is so slow as to not be usable. This isn’t just the sync, it’s also making new notes, categorizing notes, attaching them to calendar items, and very much on editing and undoing changes. It’s just really bad. Nothing else on my box is having these issues.


Same here. Bought premium tonight and app is almost unusable

If you have a lot of shared calendars in your system, this can cause slowness. We are aware of the issue, and planning to address it very soon. Sorry for the trouble.

I am having the same issue - The app is basically unusable. I have several available calendars in my system, but only two smaller ones are being used in Agenda. The app freezes for sometimes several minutes across all platforms (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) and the UI becomes completely unresponsive. Once things start moving, the app works as designed. It can just take several minutes to get there.

Sorry to hear that. It certainly should not be like that.

We have a performance project coming in January where we will be improving the calendar integration and other aspects of performance. Hopefully we will can catch these issues there.

If you can, make sure only the calendars you are using are checked in the Agenda Settings. Any that you don’t need should be unchecked.

Thanks for the reply… I turned off all of my calendars; however there is still a pretty major lag from when I open the application to when I can start typing a note and using the UI.

Is the app usable once you get through the initial “lag”?

Yeah, once it catches up it works fine.


OK, thanks. We will investigate this. We have some ideas what it could be.

Same issue. I noticed it only with a note I have where I assigned an extended date range (next year). I have six calendars that I have linked. If I remove the date range it works fine…after I restart the app.

Oops…wanted to say more ;). when the issue is happening there is no time when it works properly. i can type a few characters and it appears to be doing some sort of refresh aside from the icloud sync. once that refresh happens i can type a bit more then it starts all over again. With a “reasonable” time range (like a week) I dont see this happening so there is definitely something going on with the calendar link.

Ah, so the note has a long date range? That would explain a lot, yes.

Hey Drew…yeah really long :wink: But I liked the idea of “set and forget” way of making sure it always shows up in my Today list. Could just as easily use the On the Agenda flag as well but in this particular case the project isn’t something necessarily being worked on all the time but I just want a reminder thats out there.

OK, we are aware of this bottleneck, and have plans to improve on it quite soon. For now, a simple improvement would be to simple reduce the date range.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting it!

So I turned off all calendars in settings and it is still very slow on startup. I don’t have that many notes and the ones I have are not overly complicated (just a little bit of markdown, no images). Just FYI for you guys.

I think the problem is probably that even though you now have disabled the calendars, the events are still in the Agenda data set, slowing it down.

We will attempt to address this in the upcoming performance round.

Sorry for the trouble.