Better support for tags

It would be great to have tag suggestions available during entry, including search. It would also be great to have the ability to optionally navigate via tags in the left sidebar


+1 for tag suggestion as you fill in a tag

I think you can sort by tags at the moment.

You just need to search for a tag. And it will ask if you would like to save this “searched tag” and it is appear at the side bar. :slight_smile:

Yes, but why not auto populate a possibly hierarchical tag structure

+1 here. And please make it all start in the Lower case letter. Because some app are so case sensitive that if I tagged it with a word starting in an Upper case letter, it produces another set of tags.

The app Bear does a really good job of this. Makes it really easy to cross reference and create “buckets” of topics eliminating the need to have a subfolder system like Apple Notes.

We’d indeed like to add tag and people auto-completion in a future update.


Optional sidebar navigation as well please


same here:

  • tags with “.” support
  • tag suggestions in search
  • tag list in left column with count