Automatically skip the intro, tour and sample datasets?

I’m opening and using agenda frequently. EVERY time I start it up on the mac it displays an intro (I have to click skip intro). Then I have to skip the tour. Then I have to discard the samples. This seems like the sort of thing that we might want a checkbox for (don’t show again).



Hi Dianne, the tour should only be shown once, this sounds like a preference corruption issue. Does it help if you restart your Mac and try again?

Hi Alexander,
Thanks for your response. I shut the mac down completely and rebooted, but the behavior persists.

I am on Sierra 10.12.6 if that helps. Updating is a big deal since it tends to break my MRI image processing tools and Matlab and result in days or weeks of headaches…but I may need to go for it at some point.


Hi Dianne,
Perhaps you can try this:

  1. Quit Agenda if it is running
  2. Click on Finder
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  4. Enter this exactly (no spaces or returns)
  5. Locate the file called com.momenta.agenda.macos.plist
  6. Drag it to the trash
  7. Restart your mac
  8. Launch Agenda

You will probably find you see the welcome again, but hopefully the second time you launch it will not show anymore.


Wonderful, removing the plist and rebooting did the job.
The second time I started agenda it came up with no fanfare.


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Glad to hear that!

In fact, I had the same problem at work. Rebooting was not necessary: just removing the plist and firing up agenda 2 times did the trick. It did lose preferences, but no biggie.

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Uh oh, I just restarted agenda and the intro and tutorials have returned. So, whatever (the plist, I suppose) got corrupted before is getting corrupted again.
; (


That is very odd. Is there anything unusual about your hard disk? Is your user folder on a different disk, or a network disk? Or is the disk almost full?

It’s a mac pro-Late 2013, OS=10.12.6. Some of my user folders are on a larger external volume (Documents, Downloads and Music). The internal ssd is 1/2 TB and that is 1/2 full (capacity=499, Free=274.6). All the library and configuration stuff is on that disk as it should be.
Yesterday I used app uninstaller after I emailed you. I removed everything agenda related and reinstalled agenda. It behaved appropriately. However, I just clicked it to start it again this morning and the intro music started playing, followed by the offer of the tour. It no longer offers to show me the example files and does start up with the dark theme (so my preferences are in place).


Hi Dianne,
If you clear the data, you can expect the Welcome to start again on the next launch. But if go through the whole welcome, and later quit, the next launch it should not be shown.
Some the data is picked up from the cloud. That can explain why you didn’t get the offer to import samples. If saw it in the cloud already.
If you see the problem persist, perhaps you can try the same data clearance, but just before you do it, turn off the sync in the Agenda Settings, and when asked, remove the cloud data. That should give you a clean slate.
Kind regards,

The problem is gone, both on the machine I just upgraded to Mojave and on my work machine, which is still sierra.

Thanks for your help.