Automatic updates of events set for Today to Tomorrow if not completed



Sometimes I don’t get to everything I have assigned to “Today”. An idea to consider is to automatically update the date to the next day for those items that were not completed.

Maybe also show when the Event was originally scheduled to be completed. That way you can be aware of how long this has been outstanding as well.

This feature would not need to be a default but an option that you can toggle on or off.


I see how this could be useful, but it’s not trivial I’m afraid.


+1 for this idea.
Perhaps a “Yesterday” tab alongside the “Today” tab is easier to implement? Then you could go over Yesterdays items and reschedule them yourself.


You can create this yourself already, just click the loupe icon to show the search options, select the calendar (without anything filled in in the search field) and select the Yesterday preset. Then click on Save next to the Search All entry in the sourcelist. This allows you to create a smart overview (premium feature) that always shows yesterday’s notes.