Auto-end lists by double-Enter lacks on iPad

What I did:
I created a checklist.
After a few check-points I wanted to end the checklist by tabbing double-Enter.

What happened:
Empty check-list items appears instead to quit checklist.
something like this:

  • [ ] item 1 bla bla
  • [ ] item 2 bla bla
  • [ ] item 3 bla bla
  • [ ]
  • [ ]

What I expected:
That checklist ends and a line with normal text entry appears (like it used to be).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I have this problem only on iPad with external Magic Keyboard. Agenda-Version 11.1 (155)

The same happens by numberd and dashed lists.

This should indeed be fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting!