Auto Completion of tags in Chinese Input

(in macos app)
hello, my english is poor, so i try to use picture to describe what i want.

such as the follow picture, when i type #, and then type 工作, the tag auto completed.

but actually i want it can till i finish my type, and then use “Enter” to do the auto-completed.
such as:

I don’t know if I describe the problem clearly.
and maybe it is the problem of the Chinese Input ?

I just don’t want to automatically complete the input halfway through, and then need to operate the mouse to modify it.

It’s indeed related to Chinese input (or to input of any composed-character language to be precise, it also happens with é for example if typed in two steps) and only on iOS. We hope to have this addressed in the upcoming Agenda 14 update.

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Thanks for your reply!
Looking forward to the new version, thank you very much!