Auto add notes to Agenda if date comes due

This would get me to re-subscribe. I’d like to see an option in preferences to automatically add a note to the Agenda when the assigned date becomes current. That is, when any note has an assigned date of today, it’s added to the Agenda and stays there until I take it off.


I see what you mean, that’s an interesting option indeed, we’ll think about that. What would be the advantage over the today overview?

What I see as the need for this is, that if you get away from your computers (god forbid!) and/or Agenda for a day or two or longer, the today view with a particular note that is due comes and goes and is completely missed. I’ve had this happen, and missed the note when a review or action needed to be taken. Yes, you can go and look through passed dates, but the app is not so great for doing that.

Even if you did look at it in the Today view, but got busy and didn’t finish what you needed to do with it, the next day it’s no longer on the today view and it may slip your mind. So what I wind up doing, is manually moving them to the Agenda until I’m finished with it and reset the date.



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Makes a lot of sense, thanks for the added context!

Yes that is an interesting idea.

In terms of what you can do today, I think tags are the best approach.

If you use a plain #due tag, then a search for #due will show all notes that include that tag - past, today, and future. So you can get a sense of things that are overdue, and what comes next. [1]

If on the other hand you provide a date value to the tag (e.g. #due(10/21/21)) then you can do a relative date search (e.g. #due(today)) to find all notes that are tagged as due today or earlier. Then you can set up a saved search and you’ll have easy access to any notes whose due dates have passed.

This is interesting because in a sense you can have multiple dates for notes. [2] So perhaps you have a note “Important presentation” scheduled for 12/1, and you have certain miletones you want to hit by certain dates. You could create multiple dated #due tags in your note:

When you do a normal date search, you only see the notes with assigned dates in that date range: it’s a very high-level outline of the things coming up in that date range. When you do a dated tag search, you will see any notes on or before that date that need your attention. You can add those to the Agenda, and they’ll never fade away - you have to update/remove the due tag to remove them from the search view.

I have multiple saved searches for dates noted as well as dated tags. [3] So I can quite easily get a sense of the “hard landscape” of notes (dated notes) as well as have a “ticker file” of notes (dated tags).

You could also use Reminders to remind you to look at a particular note on certain dates. It doesn’t have quite the immediacy of a saved search for dated tags, but reminders also don’t fade away until you update / delete / complete them.

[1] This will be particularly nice when/if Agenda provides a unified timeline, where we can see these notes ordered by date and not grouped by project.
[2] The assigned date is only used for date-range / timeline filtering, and the tagged dates are only used for tag searches.
[3] I would love for dated tag searches to be within a range, so I don’t have overlapping searches. As it is today, a dated tag search for #due(10 days) will show me everything due in the next 10 days, as well as anything overdue - meaning that my future tag searches are quite a bit noiser than I want.

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