Attachments inlines not showing properly when names are very long


I’m attaching some files to one of my notes but the inlines don’t show properly when the attachment file name is to long. I can widen the window but this workournd doesn’t help when Agenda window is already maximized.

In addition, the names can’t be read because of the background colors (both in Light and Dark modes). The same happens on iOS.

Here you have some screenshots:

Viewing in dark mode (macOS):

Editing in dark mode (macOS):

Viewing in light mode (macOS):

Editing in light mode (macOS):

Dark mode on iOS:

Light mode on iOS:

I’m sure you can fix this and make long names to be shown properly.


macOS: 10.14.3
Agenda: 5.0 (MAS)
MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2017).

iOS: 12.1.4
Agenda: 5.0
iPhone 7 Plus.

Thanks for reporting it. We will look into it. Best to use shorter names for now to avoid the issue.