Assigning different checklist elements to different dates

What I did:
Within each of my ‘matters’ in the left-hand tool bar I have created a ‘to-do list’ notecard. These to do lists are the only items which I include in my agenda, and I therefore use the agenda as a comprehensive list of all of my outstanding items. I wish to assign certain checklist items to ‘today’ and therefore used the assigned key to do so.

What happened:
My entire checklist for that project was assigned to ‘today’ as opposed to just one or two items.

What I expected:
I would be able to select different items in my checklist to assign to different dates.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
-Most recent Agenda version

  • iOS (iPad)

At the moment the ability to keep my to do lists separate across projects but have the optionality to see them all in one place is what I feel distinguishes this app from others and what creates massive efficiencies in working processes. However not being able to distinguish between checklist items when assigning dates is something of a spanner in the works for me (albeit not fatal). I think that needing to create separate cards for each to do item (so each can be assigned to a different date) would completely kill off the efficiency of the app and the assign function, so hoping there is another workaround :crossed_fingers:t3:

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You definitely shouldn’t create a different note for each to-do. If having a due date is essential, you could split lists into groups of items due on a date (eg Stuff for Next Monday).

Note that you can apply due dates to items using tags. Eg. #due(tomorrow). A search for #due(tomorrow) will show the note that contains this entry. Perhaps this is a way around too.

We do plan to add more metadata to paragraphs/items in future, so we could support dates at that time. For now you can use tags and searches to come up with a system that works.


As far as “assigning a different date to each list item” is considered, we also plan to add support for integration with the Reminders app in the future, which would allow you to create a reminder for individual list items. I suspect that eventually that would comes closest to assigning a date to each item.

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Thanks both. I have achieved a workaround by having a main To Do list which is pinned to the top of each project, and then a separate “To Do List for Today” which I assign to today/tomorrow each day. There’s some element of duplication but it does the job! I’ve found this slightly easier than using tags for each line item as it means it’s a lot easier to bulk shift tasks not completed today to the next day, rather than needing to re-tag them all.