Assign to today and remove from today with the same keyboard shortcut

I’ve learned that you can assign a note to today by hitting shift-cmd-return. That’s very convenient. However, I then expected that by hitting the same keyboard shortcut again you’d remove the note from today’s date (as hitting shift-cmd-U once puts a note on the agenda, and hitting it twice removes it from the agenda). That does not work. In fact, there does not seem to be a shortcut to remove a note from today’s date.

Would it be possible to make the shift-cmd-return keyboard shortcut work like the shift-cmd-U shortcut?

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what can be done.

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FYI I frequently update a note’s date to today with this shortcut. So it shouldn’t simply remove a date if one is already present. It should only remove the date if the date is already today. And also you want to keep in mind that it’s possible to assign multiple notes to today, so you’d probably want to gracefully handle the situation where I’ve selected a note assigned to today, one assigned to yesterday, and one with no date at all. I would expect it to continue to assign all of them to today.

I’ll point out there’s already a “Remove assigned date” menu command, and that you could set a shortcut for that. I like to add opt to commands that are variants of an existing one, so shift-cmd-opt-return might be a good one for anyone interested in assigning a shortcut to it.

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That’s a good point, thanks!