Assign new notes to today & new projects

What I did:

  1. Turned on “Assign new notes to today”.
  2. Created a new project.

What happened:

  • Got an untitled project with a single note inside.
  • The note did not have a date.

What I expected:

  • Got an untitled project with a single note inside.
  • The note would have today’s date.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda 2.1.1
  • Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4
  • MacBook Air

I was thinking that once I turned on that preference, I would only need to think about dates if something shouldn’t be assigned to the current date, so I’m a little taken aback, hoping I don’t forget to assign dates to these notes.

I think that setting only applies to all new notes AFTER you create the project. I’ll admit that I think you’re right, though, that to be consistent, that first note should have today’s date on it, too!

Sounds like an oversight, indeed. We’ll look into it. Thanks for reporting this.

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Update: This should be fixed in the 2.2 update.

I created a category called Inbox and three projects: Urgent, Middle Term, Someday where I can put immediately tasks that came suddenly to my mind or just needed after a phone call and so on. I want to put these tasks inside the three projects/Options to move them later in the project they belong to with a precise date and position in this project. What I need when I put them in the Inbox category is to create them without a date. However, what happens with my Agenda?

  1. If I create this note inside the project like Urgent or Middle Term there is no date, unless I want to give it.
  2. If I create the same note inside Today, assigned to Urgent or Middle Term project, this note is created with a date. Even if I don’t have “Assign New Notes to Today” selected.
    So, my question is: Can I create a note without a date inside Today?

No, you can’t do that, because by definition, everything in Today has today’s date.

I think you would be better off putting these projects in On the Agenda by clicking the yellow dot. That is how I do it. I have a very similar “Inbox” type setup, and it is a note in a “General” project, which is always marked “on the agenda”.

Today is designed for projects that become relevant on today’s date, so a general inbox doesn’t really fit.

Thank you for your explanation. Yes, actually I realized that after I posted my note and I tested my “Inbox" in "On the Agenda”, and it works well.
There is one thing regarding that that I would like to ask. I understand the importance in Agenda of the organization of the projects according a timeline, but I am thinking that maybe could be useful to have the possibility to move the "categories” up and down inside the Sidebar. For example, if I could put my “Inbox” category that I have just created at the top of all my categories this could help me to give to this General category a strategic position in organizing all my workflow. In any case, giving to the sidebar more flexibility would contribute to give more freedom to users in order to organize their own work according their style. At the moment, the organization of the categories in the sidebar seems more based on an alphabetical order.

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I agree about wanting to manually arrange categories, etc. Meanwhile, you can work around this by naming a category with a * or other special character in front which will make it come first in alphabetical order. You could also start their names with #s, though if you have more than 10, you’ll need to use 01, 02, etc, to make that work.

I just have one category sorted this way myself; my planning category is named:
* Planning *

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I agree that manually arranging categories would be very desirable.

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Thanks for the feed back @liz4cps and your useful suggestion. Hopefully, we’ll have the possibility to arrange categories manually in the future.