App password not working for forums

What I did: I tried to login to the community with the password I just confirmed works in the app.

What happened: I was taken back to the forum home page without being logged in.

What I expected: To go to the forums and find I was logged in — or to get an error message about my password.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
This happened in Safari on my MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.14.2.

On my iPhone in the Discourse Hub app, it just redisplays the login page with the email and password blank.

In case you’re wondering, I could get into the forum from the Agenda app on my Mac. :slight_smile:

  • Liz

I did some more experimenting with unexpected results.

First, on my Mac, I went to and then clicked on Community at top right. That took me to the community and I was signed on. I’m thinking now that going to the community directly to while being logged out was a bad idea? I’m not sure.

Second, in the Discourse Hub, I decided to do something kind of similar. After attempting to login again, instead of just trying again, I clicked “done” at top left to go to its home which has a list of your communities. I then tapped the Agenda one again and this time, it asked me for permission for the app to access my community account and then I was in. There, I need to tell the app that this community is at

Another community I’m in uses the same software. When I logged into it, it immediately asked me for the permissions and I went straight in. I’m trying this out because the leader in the other community is talking about how much easier it is to keep up with what’s going on in the community using when using the app, and I thought I’d try your community there, too.

  • Liz
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There does seem to be an issue in the latest operating systems with sign in to discourse. Hopefully that will be fixed at some point (it seems to be an issue in Discourse itself).

The trick is this: If you are taken back to the main page after signing in, and you are still signed out, just refresh the page. You should find just refreshing signs you in. In other words, you are signed in, but it is showing the page as if it isn’t signed in.

Ok, thanks. That makes sense with what I found.