Anyone else having problems with emojis in Headings, Subheadings and Projects

What I did: Added additional emojis to headings. Already e

What happened: When I click on the share button the Agenda share windows appears but when I go to select a project and the note to drop the item on the window disappears. It appears to be project list related.

I can’t determine whether it was the addition of emojis to headings or the 16.0 update when this share function started to crash. As they happened around the same time. On MacOS the project list cannot generate within Agenda either. (the ^1 function) iOS share sheet still works. It continues with Agenda 16.1

Previous to Agenda 16 was already using :red_circle::yellow_circle::green_circle: emojis as status indicators for projects. No problem with syncing and using the share function to send docs, pics and other items to Agenda using the MacOS share function.

I’ve submitted to Alex and Drew but was wondering:

Is there anyone else that is experiencing this problem?

What I expected: To still be able to choose project to direct note to in using the Share command.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Multiple machines, from various desktops and laptops / multiple versions of macOS (Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura), Agenda 16.0 then 16.1

Thank you community and support!


The only thing I noticed, quite some time ago, was that it used to be possible to filter emoji’s in the quick-jump menu. It’s not anymore.
It also used to be possible to use text replacement - where you type a certain sequence of characters which is then replaced by an emoji - in the quick-jump menu search field. It still works in note titles and texts.
This was part of my workflow; I could filter out notes in a list on types of content easily.

We’ll investigate these issues to see what changed. @robbie07 how exactly do you enter the emoji’s in the open quickly menu? Using the Emoji’s and Symbols palette from the Edit menu?

Hi Alex,
For example: I typed P b l l (without the spaces) and that changed into :telephone_receiver: (“bellen"). That way, a list showed with calls I had to make. Colours work as well because they stand out in a list but they can’t be filtered. I had lots of, let’s bet honest, quite enginious ways with which I made my life easier with these emoji’s.
That it’s not possible to enter them anymore (in this way), probably has to do with a different search “algorythm". As soon as I type a letter the notes that have this letter in their title are filtered.

Indeed, the filtering starts when you type a letter. We’ll check if we can still make it allow the replacements though. One question, if you copy that emoji from the post above here, and paste it in the quickly open field (or use the Emoji’s & Symbols palette from the Edit menu to insert the emoji) does it correctly filter the notes that have the emoji in their title?

That’s quite hard, actually. The search field opens the moment you type something, so pasting something in there is only possible after a letter is entered …
Which I did and no, it did not result in a filtered list.

You can trigger open quickly from the File menu, that should show it with the searchfield selected

Ok, tried and doesn’t work indeed, will investigate

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By the way, could you get me into the beta-test group again?

Sure, I’ve added you back so you can give it a try once we have a new beta.

That was quick!
Thanks again!