Any use Agenda as a service business software?

I run a computer service business.
I write customer information in a book first,
2nd I input data into Agenda. on left side I have different types of computers devices I work on, and add customer name under each, date entered, phone number, email address, initial notes, then I add notes as I do things.
once money gets involved I create an addition in Quickbooks.

I need to streamline this system. I like how I can archive a job when its done. I can’t seem to do that or figure out how to in quickbooks.

anyone who can help me with this, will get some valuable apple advice, repair, upgrade info, parts, whatever, ill be very grateful.

Glad to see Agenda as such a central piece in your workflow. I guess this is indeed something where shortcuts and x-callbacks would make most sense. Just to understand, can you describe in more detail how you see the two apps interact in an ideal world?