Any relative tag values besides date?

I know that #mytag(1/1/21) will show up if I do a search for #mytag(1/2/21). Is there any other sort of relative value cleverness, besides dates? I experimented with things like #mytag(1) (which surprisingly got converted to 1.0) and searching for #mytag(2). When I saw that it inserted a decimal, I tried #mytag(1.2.3) and searching for #mytag(1.2) or #mytag(1.*).

It seems like only date values provide this sort of “less than or equal to the search value” behavior. But, I just wanted to check to see if I’m missing anything. Otherwise, I can add the same tag multiple times if I want it to show up for multiple values.

Indeed only dates are supported in this way, but we’ll see if that can be further extended over time to numbers to.

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