An event link to note will change the date I gave

hello I met a problem here
I’d like to assign the date I choose for my reason, however when I linked a event to the note the date will automatically changed.

You konw I just want to give the event a referrence link, so that when I review the event on the calander I can call up more details. And also I think user can linked more than one event for the above reason

So, would you please take this usage scenario in your concern, and add or upgrade this feature to the next version

The event linking is designed to determine the date of the note. It is a strong connection between a note and an event, not just a link.

If you want to link to a calendar entry, just for navigation, try dragging the event into the Agenda note.

I just tried to drag the event into the note, but it seems the same effection as to link the event to the note.

Could yout tell me the details of how to link the calander event just for navigation?

There is no way to link a calendar event to a note without it setting the date of the note to that calendar event, as @drewmccormack mentions, the nature of linking a calendar event of a note is that from the moment the two are linked the date of the note will be kept in sync with the date of the calendar event.

I meant to drag the event into the text. Make sure you have the cursor in the text. I believe then you can drag the event into the text as an attachment, and it will open calendar at the event if you double click on it.