Always returns to “On the Agenda”

What I did: So, I’m working on a note in Agenda (v.6) and I switch over to Safari to check a reference or look for new info, and . . .

What happened: . . . when I switch back to Agenda, I see the splash screen and the app “opens” with On the Agenda.

What I expected: To return to the note where I left off.

It happened again just now. I left this message, switched to Safari, came back to agenda and the app opened to On the Agenda. It is as if Agenda quits when I switch to another app, and then starts up again from scratch not remembering where I/it left off.

I have seen a question like this, but the answer was “in principle it should work,” and that did not seem like a helpful answer to me. So, I have to ask this. I have rebooted the app. I have rebooted the iPad. Neither one has been any difference. What to do?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda v.6
iPad Pro 9.7
iOS 12.3.1

Thanks for your help.

I’m guessing this doesn’t happen all the time, right? Just sometimes.

I suspect there might be a crash in the background, which would cause Agenda to reset like that. Difficult to say what. I have seen the issue a few times myself, but we aren’t sure yet what causes it. If you see some pattern, let us know.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply, Drew. No, it happened all the time.

Anyway, I backed up the few notes I had made, and I deleted the app. I closed every other app on the iPad, and restarted it. Then I downloaded Agenda again. Now here is the strange thing: I expected a pristine version of the app to open, but after the introduction the app opened with notes and projects I had made 5 days ago and nothing since then. I was surprised that those projects and notes showed up (despite the warning that all data would be erased upon deletion of the app), and I was surprised that the app seemed to “wake up” from 5 days ago.

Long story short, I have added the saved projects and notes back into Agenda and it seems to be working perfectly. Thank goodness. I don’t know what happened five days ago, but I am glad this reinstallation fixed the problem. I really like Agenda and what I am able to do with it. Thanks for a great app.

Glad it is working now. We are investigating the problem with returning to “On the Agenda”.