Almost one year of using Agenda

in about a month, my premium subscription needs to be renewed - means that I am using Agenda for a year now…

I’m using Agenda exclusively for project to-do’s, project notes. I got quite some projects…

So far, I am really happy with Agenda, I take notes where ever I am, with every device that is available (Mac, iPhone, iPad; mostly iPad). Sometimes (well, most of the time) I’m in a hurry and therefore, I add often ‘paragraphs’ (one item with a bullet in front) to a wrong topic of a project or in the wrong order… Also, some of the ‘paragraphs’ are done and I would like to move them away, in a separate topic of the same project

Missing features

  • I can not move a ‘paragraph’ inside of Agenda. For example, take the ‘yak’ project, ‘planning notes’… I need to move ‘postgres’ before ‘swift’. Would be great to move one or even more items by selecting and draging them via the ‘bullet’
  • automatically add a timestamp when an item is marked as done (I am using the done tag with ‘today’ at the moment, but thats a manual operation)

Positives (everything else…)

  • sync via iCloud is phantastic
  • clean interface, clean ‘view’ makes it very easy to keep overview
  • structure (headings, indents, tag’s, etc)
  • speed
  • community (discourse)
  • superbe support via community

I left Omni Focus and Things behind, only using Agenda (-:
I’m missing nothing when it comes to Things - but Focus has (or had) one great feature: Toggeling the view (all items, only available items, etc). Would be great to hide/unhide done items for example


@mschneider, for the done tag, that can practically be automated with a Keyboard Maestro macro:

Great to hear it works well for you, thanks for sharing your feedback! We’ll continue to work on addressing the missing bits, stay tuned!