All day reminders missing

I’m new to Agenda and enjoying jumping in (so thank you for creating such a useful app!) I can get my calendar and timed reminders to show up in the right hand side bar but my all day reminders (non timed reminders) do not show up.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or is this by design?

This is by design. We only include timed reminders in Agenda. They can be used to trigger notifications that you have to do something.

For non-timed reminders, you can just use a checklist in Agenda. The reminder doesn’t add much, because it won’t trigger a notification or anything.


I am confused. Are you talking about reminders linked with the reminder app? Those all day reminders do show up in the calendar for me. In fact Agenda has a setting to make all reminders default to all day. Is there some other type of reminder you are talking about?

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Hmm, maybe I’m confused. I think what you don’t see are reminders with no date at all. I think all day reminders still have a date, so they do appear. (Maybe @mekentosj can elaborate — he wrote it :grinning:)

You can have undated reminders, dated reminders set to all-day, and dated reminders set to a specific day and time. We only show the latter two in Agenda.