Alarm when event ends

at the moment, you can set alarms at x minutes before an event. however, I use agenda for planning out time blocks to work on, and my biggest issue is not realizing a time block has finished and spending too long on something

for example, I want to create a note called “process email”, create a cal event with that name, and time-box it to 45 mins. then I want an alarm when it’s up so I can wrap up the note and stop processing my email

I work like this throughout the day

here’s what it looks like in Calendar app after I have set the alert to 45 mins after the start of the event


I mean honestly, this isn’t that intuitive. I want to set the alert to “when the event finishes”, but even being able to set “alert me 45 mins after the event starts” within Agenda would be AWESOME

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Thanks for the suggestion, I think at the moment this is too much of a corner case for us to add but we’ll keep it in the back of our heads and see if it fits in at some point.

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Any update on this excellent suggestion? I’d definitely go Premium if this was implemented. It is a must for time blocking / time boxing!