Agenda window flash

What I did:
Clicked on the “Search All” in Agenda for Mac.
What happened:
Agenda window flashes (disappears then reappears). Repeatable.
What I expected:
Not to flash.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
OS X 10.15.1
Agenda v9

It should only happen the first time you see the placeholder, it’s unfortunately something that Apple introduced in one of the system updates a few weeks ago. It looks like the windowing system is switching from one mode to another, leading to a “blink”. It’s harmless but not very nice indeed. We’ll try to further find a workaround.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the feedback. Just something I noticed when adding a few more saved searches.

For me it seems to happen every time I click “Search All”.

Ok, I’ll dive into it once more, will let you know.

Happens to me too, so not isolated to one user.

Yes, it’s general, it’s most likely the windowing system or graphics card switching mode for the window. Again, nothing harmful, just annoying.