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I usually combine my notes with calendar entries, i.e. meeting appointments. In the notes I prepare the appointment as well as after it, so I write down my goals and finally the decisions and results. In both cases there are todos that I want to do before the appointment or that result from the appointment. I would mark each of these with the due tag - so there are several of them in the note.

My idea now was that I would get the respective note displayed either in the agenda or in the today overview if it contains a due date (or an overdue date). It’s not like that, is it?
So do I really have to save an extra search query on this tag and then look through three categories every day:
Agenda: Everything I manually mark as relevant
Today: Everything for which the calendar link points to today
Due: Anything with the tag?

It’s kind of impractical. And how are overdue items dealt with that I don’t see anywhere?
Maybe you have a tip for my workflow described above.
Thank you.

I think you have grasped how it works. “Today” is just for anything with a note date that overlaps today. You would indeed need to create a new #due saved search to find notes that contain due tags today.

Perhaps this is something we can improve on in future. For now, what you propose is how I would do it.

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By the way, you could also have a tag like “unfinished”. Add that, with a saved search, and remove it when done.

Our philosophy here is to provide flexibility for people to setup tags that work well for them. We could build in a whole lot of overviews, like Today, but that would probably force everyone down the same street. We wanted to provide a bare minimum, and include tools to build out your own system.

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