Agenda starting to run really slow?

My mac: 2019 MBP, 2.3Ghz 8core Intel Core i9, 16GB 2.4K MHz DDR4, intel UHD 630 graphics. MacOS Monterey v12.6

Symptoms: I run Agenda in split screen, writing/storing all my notes while I use Visual studio code split on the left hand screen. Now when I type in agenda, it takes aroudn a 1/2 second to enter in the text when I type (or delete).

Other items of interest: I have a few images in the documents. I now have about 45 notes in total. Some have images.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
agenda 15.0.1(237) from mac store.

That’s definitely not what I would expect, how long is the note you are writing in, and would it be possible to share it with us after exporting it as an agenda file (sent to If you could also include a few screenshots of your setup, and/or a quick screenrecording that would be great.

Thanks for getting back to me. If it’s not a known issue, I’m gonna try play with a few things over here. See If I can track it down first.

Ok. So I can confirm it is related to the size of the note. Other shorter notes are much quicker. Do you have a ny rule-of-thumb guidelines for a note max size? Sadly I can’t share the note itself, as it kinda as some personal information in it.

As a rule of thumb I’d keep them at 2000 words or less, although on Mac I have a 3000-4000 word note that works fine still.