Agenda page scrolling to top while typing/editing

What I did: Typed, edited text, deleted text, or edited tags.

What happened: Screen auto scrolled to top of current note.

What I expected: Screen to remain at location of cursor.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 14.1.1, iPad Pro (12.9 inch) 5th generation with Apple keyboard, iPad OS version 15.4.1

Is this something you have seen once or does it happen all the time? If so, can you create a screenrecording?


You will see me working on a note. I scroll to the top and bottom of the note then begin to type. Every time I hit the space bar the screen hops. If I backspace (delete) the screen does not return to the cursor. You’ll see “Drr” appear then disappear because I was hitting the delete key.

I’ll leave the screen recording in my library for three days.

Hope this helps!

Joe Doran

This happens to me when I’m editing a template with a table in it as well. The tables and text will get all jumbled up and it hops to the top of the template.

Thanks, that’s super helpful. Would it be possible to export the note in the video as an Agenda file and email it to


Sure thing. Here you go!

Joseph Doran, L.S.

Projects Status- 2022, Week 20, May 15th — May 21st.agenda (18 KB)