Agenda on the iPhone



From the perspective of an iPhone user. This is the next gen task/project management tool. Life and business is not a list of todos like call that person or walk the dog, that can be checked as done. It is a collection of ongoing developments of different projects. Like playing whack a mole. Nothing is ever really completed.
Enter Agenda where the workflow exactly mimics the thought process of managing your different agendas.
From the project notes you can see and decide if they are on the agenda. Then from the agenda folder you can see if they all have a time assigned to them. If not, you can directly find a time that does not conflict with other appointments.
That last feature is the best integration I have seen with entries in the iOS calendar. Checklists with single tasks are made inside the note.

Combine this with Eventail as a widget viewer of your calendar, and the Fantastical widget as countdown to next event.
You are now completely free to manage things to do on a set time vs today vs on the agenda but not assigned a time yet.
With the iOS calendar integration Agenda does not need to do everything themselves but can let other apps do what they do best.

Make the notes more Kanban styled.

In the agenda folder sort on time assigned, so unassigned are top. Or make 2 agenda folders, 1 with no time assigned as default and when scheduled move to “Agenda Scheduled”
Then you can clear your mental inbox when everything is scheduled.


Glad to hear Agenda works so well for you. Re: Kanban style, with tags and corresponding smart overviews you could build this kind of workflow already. It’s unlikely we’ll push Agenda in such directions very explicitly, as you mentioned the idea of Agenda is to keep it a general tool that fits the varied and many workflows and never-ending projects people have. Instead we would like to provide the building blocks to make Agenda fit you even better.


Most important is the sorting of agendas with assigned time vs no time assigned.
That is the workflow from entering note data to putting it on the agenda and then find a time for it.
Also, not necessarily kanban style but try make the notes look more like separate notes.


I don’t think we’ll quickly change the look of the notes, if you really want a kanban + card like style app you are probably better of with Trello.

We do however want to offer more options to create smart overviews, like the ones you mention.