Agenda + Mission Control multiple desktops

At my job I’m juggling multiple projects. It finally dawned on me that each project can live on a separate desktop on the Mac. I keep the appropriate Finder windows and other documents all together on any given desktop. If I have to switch over to that project, I just jump to that space and everything I need for it is close at hand. And now that we have the ability to peel off projects into separate windows, I park an Agenda window right there on each desktop as well. It’s working really well.

In order to not lose track of the “Master” Agenda window with the sidebar, I try to park it in Desktop 1 next to my calendar and other “meta” tools. Still, I think it would be helpful if that one Agenda window was marked somehow in the Window menu.

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You mean that the Main window would be marked as such correct?

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A quick update to say that in the 17.0.2 update the main window should now show a small icon to make it easier to identify.


That’s perfect, thanks!

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