Agenda:// link created on iOS does not work on macOS

What I did:
Created a note in Agenda on iPad (iOS 12.2). From that note, created an event on a calendar.

What happened:
Agenda note synced with Agenda on macOS. Event synced via Calendar. Both looked fine. But, the agenda:// link in the calendar event would not open the note – would not open anything for that matter. When I looked at the note in Agenda on macOS and used the Copy As > Agenda Link action, the link had a different UUID in it than the one Agenda on iOS put into the calendar event. The second version of the agenda:// link – the one created on macOS – works ok,

What I expected:
An agenda:// link added to an event from Agenda on iOS should also work on macOS.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I’m running the most current non-beta releases of Agenda on iOS and macOS (20190421). iOS 12.2. macOS 10.14.4

That’s very odd, I can’t really explain why the same note on mac and iOS would get a different UUID. Any chance you have moved the note to a different project after you originally assigned the event?

Pretty sure I didn’t. The link (on the calendar) didn’t work from the moment the note and event were synced, respectively, by Agenda and Calendar from iOS to macOS.

Let me know if you see this again for a linked note, I’m not sure what has happened I’m afraid.