Agenda iOS sharing menu



What I did: I’ve tried to share a link from Safari to Agenda using the iOS “share” menu

What happened: The Agenda app did not show up in the menu (even after the “… More”)

What I expected: The Agenda option to show up in the menu.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 1.3 (premium), iPad Pro, iOS 11.3


Yepp I was looking for the same functionality both on ios and osx. It’s a pity that it is not there. I am using premium as well.


Talk about a glaring shortcoming for an iOS NOTES app!!!


Agreed, I was also looking for that feature …


Plus 1 vote for this too. I’ve just “retired” Noteplan because Agenda looks a much better fit for my needs. Noteplan offers the iOS share functionality. Quite a poke in the eye for Agenda I’m afraid. Let’s hope this high on the list to address


We definitely aim to bring a sharing extension in the not too distant future. First inline images support though…


Please make sure Share to ‘DEVONThink 2 Go’ is one of the included destinations. :+1:t2:

p.s., will any of the planned features be included in a future Beta, or will they simply show up in the App Store as part of an app upgrade?


Agreed. I was shocked when I went to Airmail and wanted to “share” the text of an email into an Agenda note. Nothing, nada, zero. Apparently all one can do at this date is copy and paste. This is of key importance to me and, I’m guessing, almost everyone who might use it. Frankly, I think it’s more important than inline images at this time, although both are pretty important. I also agree with daveb08 about DEVONthink integration of some sort. As a scientist I use DEVONthink Pro Office on my Mac and DEVONthink 2 Go on iOS. I also use Tinderbox in integration with DTPro, but I doubt that integration could occur.


Just to explain my hope for DEVONThink Share. I use DEVONThink primarily like the old TV ad, “Set it and Forget it”, almost. Agenda I see as “in the moment”. Projects come and go. When they “go” I send them (or portions) to DEVONThink, ready to be searched if need be, but allowing me to de-clutter Agenda. In my mind, this workflow does not diminish Agenda, just makes it more focused. Just saying.


I’ve been looking for a way to share from other apps into my agenda as well, and it’s just too painful to keep a list of quotes or clippings in Agenda when it doesn’t have a share sheet of its own. I hope you can add this in the short term.


same here, end dez18 - a share to agenda functionality is important for the workflow - please consider for soon integration, thx!


+! Lack of the Share is a an important feature to me as well


Yes, this has been the most disappointing experience that I’ve had as it has become a frustrating hurdle to jump over when I have photo’s and doc’s that I wish to include in the note, especially as this app seems to be designed to be used as an aggregator of the different information one can create.


hi all
indeed this is a must have feature for a note-app.


Inline images is the main advantage that Agenda has over Things.

However, no share sheet functionality from other apps yet. That’s frustrating.

Very frustrating.


See this topic: iOS Share extension plans?


Thanks. I read it.

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