Agenda getting laggy with a lot of note

Agenda becomes laggy and unusable after importing my over 1k notes from Evernote. Scrolling is slow and laggy. It only becomes better if I collapse all notes. I know for some, having 1k notes are too much for a project but I tend to use Agenda as my journal, I take note everyday. I think this is just performance issue and I hope you could fix it bcoz I don’t have prob with other app like Evernote. If I may suggest, the prob lies at the way you load all notes and their content into memory. How about just display their title and partial content first in list view, If we want to see all content of a certain note, we just click on that note and a new view window will be displayed, hence performance would definitely be improved.

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Your analysis is right, performance doesn’t yet scale well for those kind of number of notes, especially if they’re all in the same project. We aim to focus on various areas of performance improvements after the inline images and attachments support is ready.


Definitely looking forward to it. Agenda by far is the most promising GTD and Task Manager app I’ve experienced. It makes me feel like org mode in emacs

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I noticed the same problem, especially on the iOS, and a slow synchronization via iCloud. It recently takes a while if I update a note on the iPhone to be synchronized on my computers and viceversa. Before I didn’t experience that, but now I have much more notes and longer ones.

I have the same issue on my two Mac’s and several iOS devices. I exported all my notes from bear and dayone into agenda, circa 5k notes spread across several projects. Performance went down the hill very fast. I had to remove most of my notes into small text files for now. Problem is that I keep adding new notes into agenda every day, as this is the only note taking app I’m using now. Hopefully this can be fixed and I can import all my notes again.