Agenda forcing “Time To Leave”

I have the “Time To Leave” setting ON in iOS Calendar preferences, but have many events (lessons) set up with the “Alert” field set to “None”.

If I select one of these events in Agenda and “Create New Note Linked To Event”, the event in Calendar will have had the “Alert” field changed to “Time To Leave”.

This has the consequence — maybe peculiar to my particular situation — of multiple “Time To Leave” alerts triggering throughout a day (every lesson) even though I’m already in the location (my school).

This clearly shouldn’t happen. Is there a way to make Agenda respect the “Alert” field of an event to which a note is added?


Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate what is going on.

Any progress on this issue — it’s driving me nuts!


Not yet, weirdly we haven’t received a single complaint similar to yours. Are you sure you don’t have some setting enabled that triggers these alerts for all events?

I have Settings>Calendar>Default Alert Times set to ON, but have specific events where I have edited “Alert” from “Time To Leave” to “None”.

If I use Agenda to link a new note to these events, “Alert” is reset to “Time To Leave”. Weirdly, in some cases, this can not be manually re-edited to “None”.

This is easily reproducible if you’d like to test.

Many thanks,


Thanks for the follow up, will investigate

Any progress on this issue. As a teacher who uses Agenda to add lesson plans to calendar events (lessons), this drives me nuts!