Agenda draining battery on iPhone

I’ve been using Agenda for a few months mostly on my iPads and macs, and only occasionally use on my iPhone. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my battery was almost dead and this was in the morning only a few hours after a full charge and no use. I checked my usage and it showed that Agenda used over 80% of the battery in the background. I killed the app (by swiping up) and that stopped the drain of the battery. However, the next time I used Agenda on iPhone a few days later, the same thing happened - battery almost empty after a full charge and almost not onscreen time, and Agenda showed to be the culprit in the settings under battery. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and it has never had battery issues, and I usually get at least 10 hours or more of battery under normal usage. I ended up deleting Agenda on my iPhone and haven’t had the time to re-download and test this issue again, but I’m planning to do that. I searched forums and didn’t find any issues of this kind, but wanted to see if anyone else has seen this. I want to confirm that this does not happen on my iPads (11 and 12.9 2020 iPads Pro) or my MacBook Pro 16. All operating systems on all systems are up to date as of this writing, and the app version is also up to date. My Agenda library is not very big, less than 90 megabytes.

Hi @tomcollinsjr , my experience is not the same. I have Agenda running in the background all the time. I got curious and checked its battery impact, on my 8 Plus it was responsible for 6% of the total battery drain. I charge every night and then the phone has to live on that all day until next night. I seldom find my battery low unless I have done extremely demanding tasks or forgot to charge some night. So my guess’d be that either it’s a phone model issue, or there is some weird error in your environment; Agenda, the system, or something. Or maybe you have some heavy duty tasks associated to Agenda? Don’t know what it could be, but, as an example, say frequent background communications? I’d like to hear what you find out after reinstalling. I hope for the best.

You said you don’t use Agenda on the iPhone much, so maybe there’s a lot of syncing triggered when you do open it on the phone.

like @joobo I have no problems with Agenda on my iPhone 8+
Agenda is open in the background regularly, and it doesn’t empty the battery as you described with your iPhone. So I would recommend to try Agenda once more (Btw a brand new version is available shortly).
Often it helps to restart the iPhone if errors or problems like this one occur. I am doing this once every two weeks or so on a regular basis. Perhaps this will help you, too.

I finally had time to reinstall the app and test it out for a few days. I’ve been keeping the app in the background and am occasionally editing/adding notes, while consistently checking the battery usage. So far, it seems the reinstall did the trick (I should have just done this first). Maybe I just had a buggy note or something like that? Anyway, it is running perfectly now.
Thank you for the feedback, the Agenda community is awesome!

Yes, this is almost certainly some background sync activity. Sometimes, if the sync keeps failing because it is big, it could drain the battery more than it should.

The good news is that we have a fix coming in the next release. So you shouldn’t see that anymore.

Sorry for the trouble.

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Hi, coincidentally, I have noticed unusually, significant power usage on my mac recently and sometimes Agenda has been a major resource user. This has been rare and sporadic.

I wanted to validate your issue.

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I suspect you are an early identifier of an issue that hasn’t been sufficiently recognized because causes are elusive, patterns have not identified by Agenda, this is not a simple “what’s the problem, how do you reproduce it, here’s the FAQ” problem, and this may require engineering diversion to find enough posts on this with information to allow them to achieve reproducibility.

I regularly check app CPU utilization and have a sense of flags that a particular app may be approaching resource usage efficiencies, for whatever reasons I can speculate – disregard, insufficient priority or attention, macOS issues, who knows… I have not been actually using it at all actually, but anticipate using as one of my bedrock workflow apps, and in anticipation it is an auto-load on log-in.

Possibly relevant contextual details: (skipflag1, skipflag2)

My system configuration:

  • MacBook Pro 16" (2021) 16GB/512GB
  • Possibly Relevant Context:
    • Multi-display usage 50% of the time
    • ~15 apps running at any given tie
    • Regular usage and sync with 4-6 iOS devices
    • Regular usage of iCloud Drive, Dropbox

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Welcome any advice or admonishment on my posts. I’m new to this community, new to these sorts of forums generally, I do not fully understand what things mean or how to find out (are some tags official? are some tags crowd-sourced hence the weird (X 384) type tags I see? is there some logic and list of tags? these tags exist entirely separate and distinct from all the in-app tags? are there rules or guidelines or requested best practice I can refer to for dos/donts in posts - for example, I want to templatize my posts - at least in aspects of formatting, personal notation practice helpful for how I try to get various apps to work together by consistent structure to notes/posts like this (eg inserting some personal-useful control tags like above - the !# tags - that are processing control signals), but this would my posts slightly idiosyncratic.

Welcome anyone who wants to connect please do, I plan to invest real time in assessing this and using it for my workflow to get a real deal of it. Appreciate this resource and developing connections of people with similar intentions and needs I can directly fire off questions to and likewise help.

I have literally been spending years trying hundreds of apps for various use reasons, personal and work. This is also part of a pro bono community of interest project of Legal Labs (a d/b/a of Law Office of Gene Rhough).

**Super Off-Topic **, related to wanting to connect with others who are working to put together their workflows and at a sophisticated level if need be (I’ve learned with great disappointment I certainly need to have a lot of Apple scripting so now I know that stuff, I’m fearing I need to waste further time learning Javascripting, etc. But I’m an ex-engineer and it’s kids play - just a waste of precious time and misdirection of priority). Could get so much more done collaborating with others.

Agenda I hope is the One. IheartAgenda. They hit an angle and I hope they help us all by joining the Office essentials suite of word processor, presentation, spreadsheet & email. Agenda is best-fit so far for a critical workflow problem I have though I haven’t had time to dig in and see if they meet some requirements (eg true data portability, cannot invest time on things like metadata tagging in a proprietary closed-environment app, must be scriptable or something (at least an URL scheme reflecting thoughtful understanding, requirements, use cases, etc. or better yet meaningful integration of Apple Script).

I am hoping they are the one. They’ve identified the need for a journal/log/timeline approach and provide the basics of a good UI/UX for the distinctly separable aspects of a workflow system. They can be a great backbone, but I hope they realize they may not be the best or applicable app for entry or presentation of data in certain circumstances or the whatever and so allow flexibility.


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Thanks so much for your feedback and help, we have good hopes this will be fixed in the upcoming version 13 update, please let us know if you still see high battery usage after you have updated.