Agenda didn’t save my note

Yesterday I made empty note with just a title in it.
Today in the morning I added some text to the note via iPhone, made screenshot of this note and sent it to my friend.
Today in the evening I found, that Agenda didn’t save changes in my note and it is still empty, like i didn’t add any text to it this morning.
Fortunately, I restore this note from screenshot that I made.

Is it possible, to force sync of notes and be able to see the status of what is already synced and what is not?

We’re sorry to hear that, are you using version 9.1.3 on all your devices?

2 my devices use 9.1.3. I use them everyday. Third device sometimes has older version. I updated third device just yesterday

What you described could have been an issue caused by the device on the older version as we have addressed a rare condition under which what you describe could happen. Let us know if you still hit this now that all devices are up-to-date.